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Polarizing Optics Features
Range of Materials:
  • IR: ZnSe, ZnS, Si, Ge, CaF2, GaAs, and more
  • VIS / NIR: FS, Crystal Quartz, Sapphire, BK7, and more
  • UV: UVFS, Excimer FS, MgF2, and more
Range of Components:
  • Plate Polarizers
  • Cube Polarizers
  • Cube Non-Polarizers
  • Plate Non-Polarizers
  • IR Polarizers
Tight Dimensional Tolerances
Highest Damage Threshold

Specializing in:

• Non-Polarizers   
• Polarizers 

RMI specializes in polarizing beamsplitter cubes and plates for precision laser and broadband applications ranging from UV to IR (193nm to 3µm). We are able to manufacture polarizering optics in a variety of sizes, with capabilities to produce thin film plates up to 12" and cubes as large as 6" in order to fit your application.

Proper bonding techniques for prism cubes are vital for the optimum performance and P/S separation of polarizing beamsplitters. For low power applications between 350nm and 3µm, our skilled optical technicians use a cementing process to bond the prisms. For high power applications between 193nm and 3µm, we will bond the prisms using a special optical contacting process which allows for the bonding of a coated surface to a glass surface without the use of cement. Contact us to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly sales experts.

Contact us to discuss your polarizing optics requirements with one of our friendly sales experts.