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Factory Direct COReplacement Laser Optics


CO2 lasers are widely used in materials processing such as metal cutting, welding, etching, marking and other industrial applications. Optics used in CO2 laser systems need to be replaced periodically for maintaining precision and efficacy of laser performance, especially focusing lenses which are prone to laser damage, splatter and other environmental factors.

We manufacture Zinc Selenide, Geranium, Silicon, Copper, and Molybdenum components in the highest standard, adhering to strict precision specifications.

RMI is a proud innovator of the LoLA™ (Low Laser Absorption) Lens, a focusing lens with a true absorption rating of ≤ 0.13. LoLA Lenses are designed for peak performance and longer life. Our thin film coating is specially formulated for maximum environmental durability and high damage threshold at 10.6 µm.