Rocky Mountain Instrument Co.


Used in thermal imaging and IR sensing applications

Large IR Medium


Lafayette, Colorado – 11/8/2016 – Rocky Mountain Instrument Co. (RMI) has obtained new cutting edge technologies for the production of IR/FLIR lenses used in thermal imaging and IR sensing applications.

Core to RMI’s IR/FLIR offering is their precision Diamond Turning capabilities for aspherical and spherical lenses. Sizes range from 0.5in to 12in diameter on a wide range of materials including germanium, silicon, zinc sulfide, zinc selenide, calcium fluoride, gallium arsenide, AMTIR, and chalcogenide.

In addition, RMI has refined the process for environmentally-durable, thorium-free, coatings for MWIR 3-5 μm and LWIR 7-14 μm wavelength regions.

For finished IR/FLIR assemblies, RMI offers complete opto-mechanical design and engineering services in Zemax/SolidWorks; assembly in their class 1000 clean room; and advanced metrology using a wide range of active alignment techniques.

With over fifty years in the industry, RMI can meet the most demanding requirements for IR/FLIR customer needs and provide them with best in class solutions.