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CO2 Laser Optics

CO2 Laser Optics & CO2 Laser Mirrors

ZnSe Si
• Ge • Cu
• Mo

• 10.6 μm Anti-Reflector
10.6 μm High Reflector
• Phase Retarding
• Dielectric
• Metal

• Long Lifetime
• Environmentally Durable
• High Damage Threshold

RMI manufactures a full range of CO2 laser optics including focusing lenses, high power mirrors and phase retarders. We have extensive experience in the high volume processing of infrared materials such as ZnSe, Ge, Si, Cu, and Mo to produce the highest standard in surface quality at an affordable price. Our thin film coatings are specially designed for maximum environmental durability and high damage threshold at 10.6 µm. Contact RMI for your CO2 laser optics requirement and let our experienced staff provide you with the optimum, cost effective solution.

Coatings Specifications Optics Specifications Related Products
Anti-Reflective Coatings
IR Narrowband Anti-Reflection (NAR)

Mirror/Reflective Coatings
IR Laser-Line Rmax High Reflection (LHR)
Protected Silver (PAG)
Enhanced Silver (EAG)
Bare Gold (BAU)
Protected Gold (PAU)
Enhanced Gold (EAU)

Partial Reflector Coatings
IR Partial Reflector (PAR)

Polarizing Coatings
IR Thin Film Plate Polarizer (TFP)
Phase Retarding Mirror
Spherical Lenses
Meniscus Lenses
Cylindrical Lenses


Plane Windows
Brewster Windows

Thin Film Plate Polarizers
Phase Retarding Mirror

Custom Optics & Coatings

Custom Lenses

Cylindrical Lenses
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Due to their potential strategic high value, export of RMI products and related technical data may be subject to U.S. or other export licensing requirements.
Please consult your export control administrator or contact RMI for more information.

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