Rocky Mountain Instrument Co.

RMI's Custom Opto-Mech Program

With upgraded design platforms, optical manufacturing expertise, and advanced testing and metrology, RMI launches its new Opto-Mech Program.


Lafayette, Colorado – 3/26/2015 – Rocky Mountain Instrument Co. (RMI) has launched its new Opto-Mech Program featuring design services in Zemax and SolidWorks, Class 100 clean room manufacturing, and advanced testing and metrology, e.g. active optical alignment, transmitted wavefront testing, and MTF/image quality testing.

Decades of precision optics manufacturing experience and significant capital investment in assembly and testing equipment have transformed RMI headquarters into a high-tech hub for manufacturing simple to complex opto-mechanical assemblies.

This new opto-mech program focuses on engineering, precision assembly techniques, adhesives, mechanical retention methods, and stringent tolerance standards to ensure that peak performance is achieved for every product assembled. In addition, RMI’s enhanced in-house machine shop allows for faster prototyping and tooling for customer review and approval.

Product categories include lens objectives, prism assemblies, optical transmitter/receiver assemblies, and advanced optical fixtures. With full integration of optics and coatings capabilities, all IR, VIS and UV components are fabricated, coated and tested at RMI headquarters. All parts and assemblies are built and further tested to meet customer specifications, as well as applicable Mil-Spec standards and ITAR or RoHS compliance.

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