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Laser Output Couplers

Laser Output Couplers are designed for use as resonator mirrors for low, medium and high power lasers. They divide an incident, monochromatic beam into reflected and transmitted components with the specified intensity ratio. Substrates are available with plano/plano, plano/concave and plano/convex surfaces. They are coated on one side with an all dielectric, partial reflection coating, and on the reverse side with a high efficiency, narrowband, anti-reflection coating.

RMI Standard Specifications
Angle incidence:
Materials: BK7, UVFS, CaF2, ZnSe, Ge
Surface Figure:
ZnSe, Ge:
Plano [Concave/Convex]
λ/20 [λ/10] at 633 nm
λ/20 [λ/10] at 633 nm
λ/40 [λ/20] at 10.6 µm
Surface Quality:
ZnSe, Ge:
Both Surfaces
Diameter Tolerance: + 0.000", – 0.010"
Thickness Tolerance: ± 0.010"
Radius Tolerance: ± 0.5%
Wedge: ≤ 3 arc minutes
Bevels: 0.010" – 0.030" at 45º
Clear Aperture: Central 85% of diameter
Reflectance: R < 90% ± 3%
R = 90% – 95% ± 2%
R = 96% – 98% ± 1%
R > 98% ± 0.5%
Anti-Reflection Coating: R ≤ 0.25%
[Note: Thicknesses listed are exact for plano/plano substrates. For plano/concave and plano/convex substrates, center thickness (CT) depends on the radius of curvature.]
Plano/Plano Laser Output Couplers

Plano/Concave Laser Output Couplers

Plano/Convex Laser Output Couplers
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