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RMI offers everything you need for precision optics, thin-film coatings, diamond turning and opto-mechanical assemblies

Opto-Mechanical Engineering

We offer expert design, assembly and testing of complex lens objectives, beam expanders and optical transmitters

Diamond-Turned Optics

We provide world-class IR aspherical lenses, thin-film coatings and environmental testing for thermal imaging applications

UV Optics & Coatings

We specialize in low-scatter optical polishing and low-absorption coatings for UVFS, CaF2, MgF2, Sapphire and more

CO2 Laser Optics

Our complete range of advanced CO2 laser optics includes lenses, mirrors and output couplers for medical, engraving and laser OEMs


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Optical Assemblies


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Diamond Turning


Precision Optical Solutions Since 1957

Rocky Mountain Instrument Company (RMI) has been producing advanced optics since 1957. Today we are a global leader in precision optics, optical coatings, infrared imaging, opto-mech assemblies and environmental testing.

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As a photonics industry leader, RMI delivers optical solutions that extend in wavelength from deep UV to far IR. Thanks to our extensive R&D efforts, we are constantly setting new standards and developing highly customized solutions. We design, manufacture and test all of our optics solutions from our state-of-the-art facilities in Lafayette, Colorado.


Our dedicated team of technicians, opto-mechanical engineers and expert scientists has earned a reputation for delivering the highest quality optical solutions. We enjoy working closely with our customers and taking a collaborative approach to meeting their most pressing challenges and technically difficult specifications.

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Featured Products

Custom Optics & Coatings
Diamond-Turned IR Lenses
Precision Prisms
CO2 Laser Optics
UV/Excimer Laser Optics
Cylindrical Lenses 
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