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Since 1957, Rocky Mountain Instrument Co. has been making the highest quality precision optics for companies all over the world. Our history is rich with experience, state-of-the-art technology, and expert service and support. With our newly integrated capabilities in infrared materials production, our offerings have greatly expanded in order to best match the demands of the current market.

Core Solutions







RMI offers one of the most comprehensive lines of full-spectrum precision optics in the industry.










RMI is synonymous with advanced, in-house thin film coating technology.








Over the years, RMI has invested enormous time and effort to establish complete in-house assembly and testing capabilities.

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Diamond Turning

With unmatched experience in infrared materials such as ZnSe, ZnS, Ge, Si, CaF2, and BaF2, RMI is a leader in all your IR Imaging and Laser Optics needs.


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Testing & Metrology



In-House Testing & Metrology

RMI offers one of the largest and most complete environmental testing facilities anywhere, including adhesion, abrasion, temperature, humidity, salt-spray, shock/vibration, helium leak, water solubility and radiation.