Rocky Mountain Instrument Co.

Testing & Metrology

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Every step of RMI’s manufacturing process, from design to delivery, is carefully controlled by the principles of lean manufacturing to assure the highest possible quality products. All phases are closely monitored to guarantee greater production flexibility, faster turnaround time and quicker problem resolution.

RMI offers one of the largest and most complete environmental testing facilities anywhere, including adhesion, abrasion, temperature, humidity, salt-spray, shock/vibration, helium leak, water solubility and radiation.

Our in-house testing and metrology capabilities include:

• Exacting Dimensional Tolerances and Quality Assurance
• Statistics Process Control
• State-of-the-art Inspection Equipment
• Extensive In-House Environmental Testing
• Supplier & Raw Material Monitoring

   Optics Metrology
  • Interferometer
  • Optical Comparators
  • Auto Collimator
  • Optical Microscopes
           Coatings Metrology
  • Laser Absorption Testing
  • UV, VIS, IR Spectrophotometers
  • Laser Scattering Measurement
  • Reflectance Measurement
  • Laser Damage Threshold Testing
  • Ellipsometer-Phase Shift
  • Phase Retardation Measurement
  • Polarization Testing
          Assemblies Metrology
  • Optical and Mechanical Alignment
  • Resolution
  • Vibration Testing
  • Shock Testing
  • Environmental Testing