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For over 50 years, RMI has demonstrated unique capabilities in completing technically difficult projects from beginning to end for various Research & Development partners.

RMI is constantly developing and searching for better materials, methods and controls to increase productivity and efficiency for maximized product performance with our research optics.

With established laboratory partnerships including MIT, Jefferson Labs, and Lockheed Martin, RMI is dedicated to continuously developing new methods to meet the demanding requirements of today and tomorrow.

RMI is the proud recipient of numerous awards that recognize outstanding project accomplishments. See our Success Stories and R&D Projects pages for more information.

To discuss the research optics needs for your R & D project,
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 Specializing In
Laser Damage Testing
Large-Scale Optical Assemblies
Custom ZnSe Windows
Custom Optical Solutions for Challenging Projects
Optics for Laser & Nuclear Research Laboratories
Custom Optics for Space Applications (ITAR)
 RMI Benefits
Experience with Difficult Specifications & Requirements
State-of-the-Art Production & Testing Facilities
Full Spectrum Solutions for Prototyping to Production
Cleanliness, Longevity, & Contamination Standards
Custom Solutions & Collaborative Service Approach
ISO 9001: 2008 Certified
In-House Quality Control & Documentation Control
Tight Tolerances
Made in the USA