Rocky Mountain Instrument Co.

R&D Projects & Research Papers

Partnering with noteworthy research laboratories and institutions, RMI provides technologies that help pioneer groundbreaking developments throughout various scientific applications.

Below are reaserch papers written about projects that utilized RMI's experienced team and high-technology products.



"Sensitive and rapid laser diagnostic for shock tube kinetics studies using cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy" (2014)

Kai Sun, Shengkai Wang, Ritobrata Sur, Xing Chao, Jay B. Jeffries, and Ronald K. Hanson

RMI supplied spectroscopy optics for the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University for a research project which measured high temperature chemistry in shock tubes. 

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"Interferometric fluorescent super-resolution microscopy resolves 3D cellular ultrastructure" (2008)

Gleb Shtengela, James A. Galbraithb, Catherine G. Galbraithc, Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartzd, Jennifer M. Gilletted, Suliana Manleyd, Rachid Sougratd, Clare M. Watermane, Pakorn Kanchanawonge, Michael W. Davidsonf, Richard D. Fettera, and Harald F. Hessa

From 2007–2009, RMI manufactured optical components and assembly for this groundbreaking biomedical project at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. RMI has since then been the source of such precision optics for several notable institutions and universities in the same field of study. Today, with the advancement of this research, the Interferometric Photoactivated Localization Microscopy (iPalm) is steadily on its way to commercialization.

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