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Long-Life Laser Optics

Laser Optics are essential components in any laser system. They manipulate and guide laser illumination to ultimately deliver a powerful desired output.

All of our Laser Optics are manufactured in-house, adhering to strict precision specifications for efficient maximum output.

The CO2 Laser is one of the first gas lasers ever developed. Being a high-power and continuous wave laser, it is mainly used in industrial materials processing such as metal cutting, welding, etching and marking. Fiber, Nd:YAG, and Nd:YVO Lasers are solid-state lasers, also used in industrial applications and often found in the biomedical field. The Excimer Laser is a form of ultraviolet laser, commonly used in the production of microelectronic devices, i.e. semiconductors.

For precision and efficacy of laser performance, Laser Optics need to be replaced periodically. Focusing lenses used in industrial CO2 laser systems are especially prone to damage from constant wear, splatter and other environmental factors; they require regular upkeep.

RMI is a proud innovator of the LoLA™ (Low Laser Absorption) Lens, a CO2 laser focusing lens with a true absorption rating of ≤ 0.13. LoLA Lenses are designed for peak performance and longer life. Our thin film coating is specially formulated for maximum environmental durability and high damage threshold at 10.6 µm.