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CO2 Laser Optics Features
9.3µm, 9.6µm, 10.1µm, and 10.6µm Components:
  • ZnSe Focusing Lenses
  • Mirrors & Beam Delivery Optics
  • Output Couplers & Resonator Optics
Vertically Integrated Manufacturing Source of ZnSe and Finished Lenses
Standard CO2 Focusing Lenses in Stock
Long Lasting Low Absorption Coatings
Stringent In-House Quality Control Program for Fabrication, Polishing, Coatings, and Testing
Reliable OEM Source

Specializing in:

• LoLA™ Focusing Lens   
CO2 Laser Replacement Optics 

RMI manufactures a full range of CO2 laser optics including focusing lenses, high power mirrors, and output couplers. We have extensive experience in the high volume processing of infrared materials such as ZnSe, ZnS, Ge, Si, and GaAs to produce the highest standard in surface quality at an affordable price.

Our thin film coatings are specially designed for maximum environmental durability, low absorption, and high damage threshold at 10.6 µm. 

Contact us to discuss your CO2 laser optics requirements with one of our friendly sales experts.