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Enhanced Gold is comprised of gold overcoated with a multilayer dielectric film that is designed to optimize reflectance at a specific wavelength. This coating is recommended for applications involving high power CW lasers, especially when deposited on copper substrates, due to the heat dissipation characteristics of copper.

The enhancing layer also greatly improves durability, meeting MIL SPEC requirements.

This coating is sensitive to wavelength, angle of incidence and polarization.

Reflectance values can be further optimized by adding more layers to the enhancing overcoat. This option is available upon request.

Commonly used in the near infrared regions, Enhanced Gold increases reflectivity over 2 μm to about 99.5%.

RMI Standard Specifications  
λ (μm)  %R, 0º  %R, 45º U 
2.06 99.5 99.2
2.10 99.5 99.2
2.94 99.5 99.2
5.00 99.5 99.2
10.6 99.5 99.2