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Optical Coatings:

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Dichroic Filters » Multi-Wavelength RMAX / TMAX 


Dichroic Filter coatings are designed to transmit one spectral region (passband) and reflect another (rejection band).

Nd:YAG Multi-Wavelength RMAX / TMAX coatings are designed for Nd:YAG harmonic separation. They reflect one YAG harmonic (RMAX) while transmitting another (TMAX).

These all dielectric coatings are sensitive to polarization, wavelength and angle of incidence.

They are durable and highly resistant to laser damage.



RMI Standard Specifications
Angle of Incidence: 0º or 45º
Reflectance, λ1: R ≥ 99.7% at 0º
R ≥ 99.4% at 45º , unpol.
Transmittance, λ2: T ≥ 95% at 0º
T ≥ 95% at 45º, unpol.
Damage Threshold: 3 J/cm2, 10 ns pulse