Rocky Mountain Instrument Co.
RMI Now Offers Diamond Turned Optics

Our new Diamond Turning Machine offers Aspheric and Acylindrical Lenses

diamond turned optics  

Lafayette, Colorado – 9/27/2016 – Rocky Mountain Instrument Co. (RMI) is now offering Diamond Turned Optics for a wide range of precision applications.

Featuring three-axis turning (X,Y,C), RMI’s equipment can generate spherical, aspherical, cylindrical, acylindrical, off-axis parabolic, hyperbolic, conical, toroidal, and lens array surface figures with superior accuracy.

RMIs diamond turned optics can be manufactured from a wide range of metal and Infrared substrates including silicon, germanium, zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, chalcogenide, amtir, copper, aluminum, brass, and more.

With tight form accuracy of <20nm, high surface figure quality (λ/4- λ/10), and capacity for sizes up to 350mm in diameter, RMI’s new diamond turning capabilities are sure to provide an unparalleled combination of precision and flexibility