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Polarizers » Cube Beamsplitter (UV)


248 nm ≤ λ < 400 nm

Polarizing Cube Beamsplitter coatings are deposited between two optically contacted, right angle prisms. They are designed to separate an incident, unpolarized, monochromatic beam into its S and P polarization components with an extinction ratio (Tp/Ts) in excess of 200:1.

The incident energy is split into two orthogonal beams that emerge at 90º with respect to each other.

These coatings are also useful for combining two orthogonally polarized beams.


RMI Standard Specifications
Angle of Incidence:
Angle of Reflectance: 90º
Reflectance: Rs > 99.5%
Transmittance: Tp > 95%
Extinction Ratio: Tp/Ts > 200:1
Damage Threshold:
At 355 nm:
3 J/cm2, 10 ns pulse