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Polarizers » Thin Film Plate (UV)


248 nm ≤ λ < 400 nm

Thin Film Plate Polarizer coatings were developed specifically for use in high power UV and Excimer laser applications. Designed to operate at Brewster’s angle, these coatings separate an incident, unpolarized, monochromatic beam into its S and P polarization components.

The extinction ratio (Tp/Ts) exceeds 100:1 in the transmitted beam.

The Excimer coatings are able to withstand the corrosive properties of Excimer gases, thus are well suited for intracavity applications.

These all dielectric coatings are sensitive to wavelength and angle of incidence.


RMI Standard Specifications
Angle of Incidence: Brewster’s Angle (θB)
Reflectance: Rs ≥ 99.0%
Transmittance: Tp ≥ 93%
Extinction Ratio: Tp/Ts ≥ 100:1
Damage Threshold: 3 J/cm2, 10 ns pulse